Bringing You The Power Of The Sun!

Our Story

We eat, sleep and breathe renewable energy. 

Based right here in Melville LI, we're dedicated to Clean Energy for Long Islanders.  Having spent years developing broad knowledge ranging from solar technology, financing, building science, public policy, incentive programs and more, we're here to offer you the most highly rated solutions that actually fit your needs.

Our management hails from clean energy industry giants like NRG, SolarCity and Tesla.  We've taken that knowledge, from residential homes to large scale solar development for Fortune 1,000 companies, and brought it back home to Long Island. 

We will help you understand your options, why they're good, what the challenges are and let you  decide what's best for your family or your company.

A Better Way

There are so many companies talking about reducing your energy bills... Free energy audits, $0 Down solar - leasing/buying options...

Most people get frustrated and stop looking.  DON'T!  It's too important and there's a lot you could gain with a little effort.

Many companies focus on one piece of the puzzle,leaving you to sort out what the best solution is and what to prioritize.  It's very confusing for most people, from homeowners to CEOs.

That's why we're here, to make this simple.


Ready to get started on your solar journey?