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Why are so many Long Islanders choosing CorrEnergy Solar over PSEGLI?  Simple...

A home that received residential solar energy in Melville, NY

Choice and Control 

Utility rates increase 4% per year on average.1  Did you choose PSEGLI?  Did they ask if they could raise your rates?  Solar allows you to take control of you electric costs for the next 25+ years!


Your electric rates are already some of the highest rates in the nation2 When you choose solar, you can save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your system. This is money that you are already spending. Solar can lower this day 1 and allow you to harness the sun for power.

Tax Credits

Use them or lose them.  There are Federal and State tax credits just waiting for you, but they start to decrease after 2019.  Don't miss out!

The Environment

The sun provides us with enough energy in one hour, to power the entire planet for a year! 3 Let's use this, save money and leave a greener planet for our children and those that come after us.

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Why pay PSEGLI MORE for electricity??


NY State Tax Credit Up to $5,000*

We'll guide you though this process and ensure you capture your Solar Tax Incentive. 

You are entitled to this so don't wait until the program goes away.

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Tax credits are real money, not deductions

 You are entitled to claim this credit if you:

  • purchased solar energy system equipment,
  • entered into a written agreement for the lease of solar energy system equipment, or
  • entered into a written agreement that spans at least ten years for the purchase of power generated by solar energy system equipment not owned by you.


The solar energy system must use solar radiation to produce energy for heating, cooling, hot water, or electricity for residential use.  The system must also be installed and used at your principal residence in New York State.


Solar is more than savings
It's taking control of your energy costs and leaving behind a cleaner planet for your children.
All for less than you're currently paying your utility
What do we consider?
  • Do you own your home?
  • What is you current electricity usage & cost?
  • What is the age & condition of your roof?
  • How much space do you have on your roof?
  • Tall trees or other shading?
  • Does your roof face south?
  • How steep is your roof?


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