Bringing You The Power Of The Sun!


We evaluate.  You'll receive a free energy audit as a LI resident.  This will show us where your opportunities are to save energy.  As part of this audit, we'll look at your electric usage for the 12 months, so get that bill ready.


We take you information and begin to run models of how different solutions will help you.  These models are recognized by NYSERDA and used to determine your eligibility for financial assistance. They will also analyze your house as a system so you can see the whole picture.


We break it all down for you.  We show you where the problems are in your home and how best to address them.  You will received proposals complete with return on investments (ROI), finance options, incentives and any other information available to paint the whole picture. The options will be yours, a menu of sorts that you can choose from to decide what makes the most sense for you and your family.