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What is an Energy Audit?
An energy audit is a scientific assessment of your home’s systems and how well they work together to keep your home comfortable, healthy and energy efficient. We examine all the components in your home, including:
Envelope — your home’s exterior walls, roof, attic, ceilings and basement
Heating & cooling systems — furnace, boiler, central air conditioning, heat pump
Ductwork— metal duct system that directs conditioned air throughout your home
Insulation — located in the attic, walls and foundation, this material resists heat transfer
These major systems work together to keep your home comfortable. When there’s a breakdown in one or more of these elements, your home will be less comfortable and less efficient.
Home Energy Performance Assessment Tools
We use advanced building science techniques and tools to inspect your home from top to bottom, inside and out. When the energy audit is complete, we will provide you with a detailed report along with priorities for improvement. For your energy audit, we follow these steps:
Visual Inspection — Examining the exterior and interior of your home to identify any potential problems.
Blower Door Test — A large fan is fitted to an exterior door and turned on to create negative air pressure inside your home. This tests how tightly sealed your home is which has a big impact on your home’s efficiency and comfort.
Infrared Imaging Camera— Infrared imaging identifies differences in temperature in walls and ceilings that indicate air leakage and ineffective insulation.
Combustion Safety Testing — Identifies dangerous combustion gas leaks from furnaces or water heaters.
Final Energy Audit Report Prioritizes Solutions
Once the energy audit is complete, your home energy comfort advisor will have a list of recommendations to improve your home’s performance and comfort. Some improvements that can make a big difference in energy savings include:
Air Sealing
Your home energy audit results will also identify the potential energy savings associated with each solution, so that you can make an informed decision on your next home performance improvements. We’ll review the results with you so that you understand what your home might need to keep your family comfortable and healthy.
Rebates & Financing for Your Home Comfort Investment
While many energy efficiency solutions will start saving money immediately, many families need to finance larger investments such as comprehensive air sealing and insulation. In Nassau and Suffolk County, there are energy efficiency rebates available for improvements for qualified homeowners, including covering the cost of a home energy audit.